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Year-round presence on Rail Beamers at Zurich Airport SBB station

Secure your long-term digital advertising presence at Zurich Airport‘s busy station now.





Expressline – Posters faster than ever.

Expressline enables a nationwide poster campaign to be released with five working days. The new service is specially designed for last-minute poster displays or ad hoc communication needs. Due to the physical distribution processes the offer is limited and therefore cannot always be guaranteed. Book by Tuesday morning, have the posters produced via highly efficient printers* on Wednesday, and display them the next week. Use this top-class service to get your message on a poster in record time.



Carline offers cost-effective roadside advertising on exclusively front-facing poster spaces – the best way to reach car drivers as a mobile target audience.



Profitline offers high visibility at a low price. Book this attractive offer now to enjoy favourable terms.


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